Who is LMS

The up and comer. The humble apprentice. The future legend. DJ LMS is working his way up the Chicago ladder and the National ladder at the same time! Blessing events, festivals, night clubs, college campuses and more with an eclectic and exciting DJ set that attendees and partygoers are sure to remember! From Los Angeles to Miami, Boston to Philly, New York to Atlanta and all the way back home in Chicago, DJ LMS has taken his talents a little bit of everywhere. Don’t expect him to stop anytime soon, though. LMS is coming…



NoName Gypsy

“Noname Gypsy has quickly become one of my favorite emcees releasing music; from the moment I heard her on Chance The Rapper’s “Lost”, off of his Acid Rap mixtape, I felt an instant connection, moving me to scour the internet for any information on her. There are a lot of conscious emcees—who all agree to hate the title—online and in the underground, attempting to speak to the society’s many problems, in hopes of sparking change. Oftentimes, they preach too much about topics they have minuscule information or understanding about, while they take almost all of the enjoyment out of listening to music. However, Noname manages to maneuver around these tempting pitfalls, without sacrificing her message of peace, love, and individuality, thanks to her blatant honesty.” – Earmilk.com
Check out NoName’s latest HERE.


Nick Astro

“Adding to the list of impressive artists from the heart of Chicago, Nick Astro is next up to claim his rightful place on the throne. The rapper’s latest venture is with the release of a new mixtape titled Super 16, which sees him put together 15 wholesome tracks alongside a stunning piece of animation. With guest contributions from the likes of Peter Cottontale, Saba, Dee Lilly, Chandler London, Legit, LoonaDae and many more, the project acts as an introduction into Nick’s personality in the way of speaking through short stories, while happening to succeed in terms of entertainment and overall quality.” – OnSMASH.com
Check out Nick’s latest HERE.


A client list ranging from the Mayor of Chicago to the LA Auto Show. From elementary schools all over the city to college campuses all over the country, needless to say, DJ LMS has been moving and playing music all over the country! Here are just a few of LMS’ clients…

alphacsu cau cps uofc famuamway cityofchicago  LAAuto allstate alpha cpd redmoon swishdreamsru


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